Since its establishment in 1989, Woodland Real Estate Development, Inc. (Woodland) has remained faithful to its mission to celebrate home life by developing stylish, quality homes that double as affordable investments of Filipino families.

Admired for its reputation as "the all-weather homebuilder", Woodland drew from its successful battle with the Asian Currency Flu the fortitude to address the Number One question in the minds of homebuyers: Will my family have a quality homelife in this house?

Achieving a perfect balance between societal obligation and business return seemed to be unheard of in the industry until Woodland showed the way. Today, after eight home projects covering a total of more than 26 hectares of developed prime property in the heart of Luzon, Woodland is recognized as having built not only some of the soundest investments in local real estate but also the most lasting memories of smiling families and homeowners from different social strata.